6 Stylish Tips for Chic Fashion Combination

Often we wear ordinary combinations made up of a T-shirt and jeans, without any formal charm. But the fact is that it takes very little to achieve a chic look using a few accessories.


And remember, the key to good looks in confidence. If you want to have a look at a higher level, then follow these tips for a stylish chic look:

1.Heels, heels, heels…

They are the perfect accessory to break the monotony of your outfit. If you wear a simple combination like jeans and blouse, try to add to ankle boots, ballet shoes or heels that will highlight your sense of style. The eye naturally first notes shoes if you wear the right pair, on them you can base your whole combinations.

High heels combination

2. Do not forget the lipstick

Bright red lips will not only draw attention to your lips, but also spice up your look. Wear daily combination, but highlight your lips with a red or maroon lipstick. If you want a little risky, try hombre.

Red lips

3. Do not underestimate the jewelry

The perfect watch or necklace really has the power to give a facelift. If you want minimalist clothes look glamorous, try to wear a few pieces that attract the eyes.

What is important when wearing jewelry is not to overdo and not look like a Christmas tree. If the chain is gold, not wearing a silver bracelet. The jewelry must match not to look distasteful.



4. Cheerful colors

If you’re one of the girls who are fans of Cloth pieces, then consider to insert several different colors in combination. This is exactly what you need if you want to look chic.

There is nothing wrong if you find a color you like and constantly wear, but if all you fashion combination is a solid color, use a scarf in a different color to create at least a small contrast. It will instantly lift your look up a notch without sacrificing the comfort of wearing one color.


5. Classic pieces exist for a reason

There are classic pieces that everyone must have – a little black dress, white shirt and classic leather jacket. Each of these pieces should be the basis of your appearance, whether you objective, casual look or a night out. They are versatile and are required in every closet.


6. Good jeans are the secret ingredient of each combination

Each woman owns a pair of jeans. The correct pair has the power to turn daily to night combination. If the objectives, choose jeans combined with elegant jacket and elegant blouse with thin straps, but for the night outs is enough to put on high heels and get rid of jacket.

jeans combination

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