6 Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

dark circles under eyesOne of the most common beauty complaints in both men and women – Dark circles under the eyes. Some of the main causes behind the formation of dark circles are aging, working for long hours in front of a computer. Also it can be heredity, if you have dry skin, prolonged crying, mental or physical stress, or due lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet.

It is not a serious problem, but can make you look older and uncomfortable. We present you some easy and doable home remedies which will help you to get rid of dark circles.

#1 Cold tea bags against dark circles: 

This is more used and simple technique to get rid of the dark circles using. Soak a tea bag preferably a chamomile or green tea bags in water. The tea, especially green contains many antioxidants (like polyphenols) with enormous benefits for your skin. Chill it by placing it in the refrigerator for a while. Now, place them over your eyes. Use this remedy on a regular basis to see considerable difference.

#2 Tomatoes against dark circles:

Tomatoes are rich in various nutrients, including vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin B, Sulfur, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus and calcium. Bleaching properties of tomato and all these nutrients make tomatoes a good remedy for dark circles. It naturally helps to decrease the circles and also makes the skin soft and supple. Mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply it under your eyes. (Lemon has solid bleaching properties). Let it remain for about 10 minutes and then, wash it off with water. Repeat this remedy at least twice a day. On a daily basis you can also drink tomato juice mixed with some lemon juice and mint leaves.

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#3 Grated potatoes against dark circles

Make a potato eye pack by grating frozen potatoes. Grate some raw potato and extract the juice of the same. Take a cotton ball and soak it in the potato juice. Close your eyes and place these cotton balls on your eyes. Make sure they cover the entire area of the dark circles under your eyes as well as the eyelids. Leave it for 10-15 minutes on your eyes. Wash of cold water.

#4 Orange juice against dark circles:

Orange juice is another effective home remedy which can fight against darkness under eyes. Mix some orange juice with a few drops of glycerin and using cotton apply this mixture. Not only will it diminish the dark circles it will also give a natural glow to your eyes.

#5 Cucumber against dark circles:

Cucumbers are famous for their skin lighting properties. Cucumber slices work best to reduce dark circles when chilled. The cool temperature eases puffiness and discourages the accumulation of fluid under your eyes. Cold or frozen vegetables are alternatives. Cut cucumber slices and chill them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Put the slices onto the affected skin area for about half an hour minutes. Thereafter, wash the area with water. Natural astringent found in cucumber can be your go-to on a day when you need immediate help from those circles under eyes.

#6 Yoga/meditation against dark circles:

Stress, depression and a hectic lifestyle are main reasons that’s seen for the recurrence of dark circles under eyes. No amount of home remedies will work if your mind isn’t cool and calm. Practicing regularly yoga/meditation can decrease your darkness under eyes and also balance the body clock whilst calming your mind, body and soul.


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