5 Tips for Faster Hair Growth

If you dream about long and shiny hair, this five tips will help your dream came true.

5 tips for shiny hair

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Use a moisturizing mask once a week

Kevin Mansuco, creative director of Nexxus Salon Care New York have some tips! Conditioner which is  washable enhances moisture of the hair, but it is not enough if we want to stylize hair, because it does not protect hair from heat. Also, frequent coloring hair dries your hair so that requires additional care. “Choose products that contain moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients will help the hair stay healthy, to restore its elasticity but will renew its internal structure, which will reduce the charge and breaking hair. It is recommended moisturizing mask to stand on your hair 3 – 5 minutes before washing.

Carefully and gently combing your hair, piece by piece

Rough combing, either wet or dry hair, can cause microscopic tears in your hair. lona Vigi, hairstylist which cooperates with many famous people in New York Nexxus Salon Care, recommends wooden brush with teeth made from natural fibers and brushing in the direction of the ends to the root of the hair, which will reduce cracking and breaking areas. “Be especially careful if you have silky hair and is styled so that frames your face, because it is better this way requires constant blow. In such harsh treatments, the hair breaks off and dried. Therefore, it is better to prevent damage, so we should go to regular treatment hair straightening, “says Vigi.

Pay special attention to the ends of hair

To achieve that your hair is ultra long or, at least, create illusion of its length – you should try to make your ends look healthy and shiny. If you notice blossoming ends and spread like a fan, will seem shorter. ” The products that will make the hair look smooth and help in strengthening the internal structure of the hair, will help in the recovery of the ends, so should use them every day.”

Take care of your hair both inside and out

Proteins are key for healthy hair, so you should have “balanced diet, and regular introduction of foods that contain high levels of protein – organic chicken, salads, steaks, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes,” says Stephanie Middleberg, Nutritionists from New York. She recommends the introduction of natural fatty acids (walnuts, wild salmon, avocado and flax seeds) and vitamin B (kiwi and pumpkin seeds), which will help to protect the ends of the hair.

Protect your hair from damage

Apart from mechanical damage to the hair (which occur when combing your curled hair or if you tighten too much hair when is cling) and excessive exposure to heat can destroy the outer layer of hair that has a protective role. Result: brittle ends. “It is necessary to preserve the natural, protective layer of the hair before styling narrow set, to minimize the damage, and the ends to stay healthy, use a moisturizing product,” says Mansuco.

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