5 Biggest Mistakes That Can Cost you a Good Style

biggest mistakesMost women persistently repeats these fashion mistakes, which results is poor achievement, or at worst, sloppy and tacky outfits. While there are countless things that can help you improve your style, there is also a large number of small errors that might disrupt. So all your outfit can results big fail.

No matter how well you’re dressed, we are sure that once you have made mini omission, which is why you were not satisfied with the final image about your look. That’s why we decided to present you the 5 biggest mistakes that can cost you a good style:

Dirty shoes

No matter how much is the price of your shoes, dirt will make them immediately degraded. And you? You’ll leave an impression of messy lady. So, regular maintenance, cleaning and visits to the cobbler is definitely recommended.

Traces of lipstick

Avoid making these one of the biggest mistakes. Put your make up first before you get dressed. We all think that no one will notice some powder or glitters with shadows around our collars and collar blouse, but why run the risk. First put your makeup carefully, and then dress up your planed outfit, or put some sort of protection when applying make-up on your face.

Overdosing on accessories

Wearing rings, necklace, bracelets, all at the same time is dizzying and automatically downgrades any look. So don’t try to  plan your all day and night.  Instead, you should relax and mix pieces spontaneously, as desired, but with style and current mood.

Wearing Ill-Fitting clothes

 Not only does ill-fitting clothes make you look like you stole someone else’s wardrobe, the bad fit can’t possibly be comfortable either. Your objective should be to find clothes that skim your body and do your body type justice. Be realistic about your body’s proportions and familiarize yourself with what works on you.

Visible bra straps

Underwear is just that – underwear. Visible bra straps can look really tacky.

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